Sunday, March 11, 2012

pack and play

Today the pack and play came down.  As I started to disassemble it I became sentimental. This time last year I was getting ready to bring home baby. The house was spotless, bottles sanitized, crib is up, pack and play is ready and in mommy and daddy’s room. Now all we need is a baby.  So, as I started pulling it apart I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. How could it be time for this? Granted she has been sleeping in her own room and in her own crib for months now, but removing it from our room just makes it seem so much more final. Her infancy is coming to an end…  Then I started to forget all of this and became EXTEMELY FRUSTRATED BECAUSE I COULD NOT GET THE DAMN THING TO PACK THE WAY THE DIRECTIONS SAYS IT DOES. SERIOUSLY, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY THAT EVERY PIECE OF THIS THING PACKS INTO A PERFECT RECTANGLE. NOW I JUST WANT THIS THING AWAY!

Well,after an hour or two of struggling, sweating and throwing the piece that just doesn't fit,I think it's safe to say the pack and play won! But I finally got it packed...well most of it. A little furniture rearranging and our bedroom is starting to feel like it belongs to us again. Was our room always this big? It was hard taking it down and admitting she doesn't need it any more, but it feels pretty good claiming a room back.

Next it will be the exersaucer and the jump-a-roo. Then there will be no containing her!

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