Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Preparation

I LOVE planning parties! Deciding on the theme, making the decorations, putting together a menu, but for me it is definately all about the decor. This just sets the stage! So, for Mira's first birthday I expect nothing but perfection. I have been gathering pictures of inspiration for months. Collecting recipes and putting together a checklist of things "To Do" and To Buy". It has all been organized in one neat birthday binder. I have gotten quite a bit of flack for this binder, but it's her first birthday and like I said it has to be perfect! So, make fun of me all you want, this is going to be the best birthday ever (until next year).

Here is just a little of what I have been doing...

the birthday girl's party hat-

the pinata-
and much, much more...

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